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About ME

Hello, my name is Felicia

I’m an Online Business Manager from London, here to help you with your business and domestic needs.

I started this business after realising that I had valuable skills that could help other entrepreneurs and small business owners.

I started my business journey at the tender age of 16, working in Tesco (retail) as a receptionist, where within a month, I was an Office Manager and PA to the store managers.

That was where I found my love of organising others. Since then, I have been self-employed off and on, with more time spent working for myself than others. I have over ten years experience, which I feel will serve you very well in your business.

My client base spans different countries and time zones, so I’ve learnt how important it is to stay organised and diligent. I’ve realised how important it is to outsource and how efficient it can be too. For the areas that I’m not au fait- I’ve built up a good network of ladies to assist.

I’m approachable, honest, reliable and organised. I’m confident and self-motivated and will happily discuss in more detail the specific needs your business or your home require

I’m here to help your business, be as great as your vision

My Mission

MHVA Services is committed to providing world-class service to our clients to assist them in fulfilling their business dreams. My mission is to provide reliable and affordable support in every aspect of their business enabling our clients to spend more time doing the things they love. My mission is to also provide continued client satisfaction by maintaining the highest level of administration support and advice to ensure that the business owners experience a service that is going to add “value” and “growth” to his/her business and to free them up from anything that is not directly related to negotiating contracts and making a sale.

My Core Values

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