I charge £45 per hour. This may seem high, but keep in mind, you are not paying for my health insurance, handling NI/taxes, providing equipment or office space – that’s my job!
You should have a rough idea of how many hours per month you need assistance we can discuss the finer details during our consultation. A way to figure out how many hours you’ll need me for is by monitoring how much time you spend each day doing things that I could be doing, and logging them. After a few weeks you should have a good idea of how many hours you’ll need support for.
I am available on a hourly basis and a retainer basis. This means that I will be available to you depending on your requirements. Your monthly retainer fee will be payable in advance of the completed work. Some months may be busier than others – in those instances, I can work over the number of agreed hours and add any overages to your next invoice. I will always communicate when you are nearing the end of your monthly hours.
Your initial invoice will be sent via Xero which is my preferred accounting software, subsequent invoices are via direct debit via GoCardless. I will always provide a receipt as confirmation of receipt of payment.
I permit rollovers for a period of ten extra days. Anything past this time will be forfeited. Rollovers aren’t available on any beta packages I may have on offer.
I live in live and work in London. Depending on the clients I have, I do also operate in line with my clients time zone. My timezone is GMT. I am generally available between 8:30 am – 19:00 pm GMT, Monday through Friday. Any communication after this time will be responded to the following day. Unless sent on a Friday out of my hours, I will respond Monday morning. I am not available on national (UK) or personal holidays (these will be identified before they occur). *I do have standing meetings each week, during those times I cannot be available.
Absolutely! I prefer it! At present only clients in the UK can add me to their signature if I am proving PA or OBM (Online Business Management services). My preference for emails is G-Suite. If you need a hand migrating or getting set up, let me know!
Any way that works best for you! I prefer Asana or email – that way there is a time stamp, a paper trail and it won’t get lost in spotty cell phone service areas. How long will it take you to complete tasks? Tasks are typically completed same day, though turnaround time can be longer for more complex tasks/projects.
Definitely! I currently have clients in the US, UK, France, Germany and Australia. I’m happy to support anyone, anywhere. Depending on if we are a fit and I can accommodate your requirements. I will work during my normal business hours-on the occasion that you need to communicate outside of my availability, I do my best to accommodate.
The nice thing about working from my home office, I don’t need to take sick days, (I might have to reschedule some calls if I look and sound like death). If I am of the condition where I cannot perform my tasks, I have a great team of ladies and gents, I can ask to stand in for a few days. On the rare occasion, I might take a vacation, you’ll have the option of being supported by one of my trusted colleagues. I have a team of people I’ve worked with for a long time that I trust can handle my client’s work load. As they also handle things for my own businesses. If you choose a step-in VA- service continues with no interruptions. If not, then enjoy some time off yourself! I’ll pick up where I left off when I get back. I will always give you sufficient notice.
Yes, I actually have one in my agreement! I am also happy to sign one through your company.
I have no issue with this as long it’s the parameters are discussed for we sign our agreement. I will then require to be emailed with you cc’d in. I would also need you to reply with your approval to that email. If you are not cc’d or I do not get your approval- I will ignore the request. In the event you and your “other” feel you’ll need to share me regularly, my rate will go up slightly*. *Supporting more than one person becomes more complex, with more preferences and details to keep track of.
I can! I charge a daily fee for each day I’m away from home. As this takes me away from other clients as well. In addition to my daily fee, any travel expenses during this time shall be reimbursed. You will be invoiced separately before the travel occasions to cover the travel. This is to prevent last minute cancellations.
At the moment-only if you are based in the UK.